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This site is a resource for both investigators and the public.

Look for an Investigator member in the above tab Directory.

Private investigators and investigation companies must be licensed to legally operate in in Arizona.  To check to see if an investigator or investigation company is licensed or to read the AZ PI law please check the above PI Links.

For almost half a century AALPI has brought professionalism to the investigation industry and protected it from
state and federal legislation that try to limit access to public records and impose over regulation which is often
detrimental to our profession. Join us to support our industry, network with other investigators, and keep up with
all the new laws and technology.


AALPI will be having our Holiday party and elections tentatively on January 10th on our regularly scheduled meeting date.  We will announce the location and details soon.  

Board Positions Up For Vote are:  Vice President, Treasurer, and Member at Large.  
Treasurer appointed CJ Scheidegger, and Member at Large appointed Larry Rives are on the ballot.   Matt Brooks will also be on the ballot for Vice President.  

This is an election so others can run for these positions too.  If you are interested in running for a board position or or wish to nominate someone for a position please contact us by December 6th so we can add you on the ballots that will be mailed out in December.

Board members are meeting with the new head of compliance at DPS licensing this week to continue our efforts to keep our working relationship with them headed by Matt Brooks who Chairs the Compliance Committee for reporting and follow up of unlicensed investigators with DPS.

 If you are also a process server please support our sister association APSA.  Your support in both associations keeps our industries strong.  All investigators are encouraged to join and support NCISS who helps our industry on the National level for bad bills and presenting new legislation.


Find Arizona's best professional investigators and investigation 
firms here. CLICK HERE to  search.  AALPI investigation members are state backgrounded, licensed investigators and investigation firms that value professionalism.  
We have the industries back.
 Join and relax knowing your membership is working for you. If you are civic minded we have committees that need member participation. ≈  JOIN AALPI APPLICATION
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Investigators & Companies

AALPI's Committee for unlicensed investigators will check out the allegations and submit it to AZ DPS Licensing Compliance to investigate.  Our committee will follow up with the investigation.
How can we help you today? If you can not find what you need please do not hesitate to call us.
Mail to: 6501 E Greenway Pkwy, 103-500 Scottsdale, AZ 85254
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